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The United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) held a seminar on Securing Australia's Energy Future: The Challenge on Friday 15 August in Melbourne in partnership with National Australia Bank.

Australia has no easy choices in meeting its future energy needs.

Bringing together experts and practitioners from across government, business, academia and civil society, this seminar discussed Australia’s transition to a secure, cleaner and cost-competitive energy future.

It highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with reducing carbon emissions and integrating cleaner energy technologies whilst generating affordable electricity. It will also consider the future of Australia’s energy exports and its position on the global energy market.

Guest speakers

- Simon Gamble, Manager Hybrid Off-Grid Solutions, Hydro Tasmania
Paul Graham, Chief Economist, Energy Flagship, CSIRO
- Kane Thornton, Acting Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council
- Oliver Yates, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation


Anna Skarbeck, Executive Director, ClimateWorks Australia



This seminar was held in support of the United Nations' Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

Media Coverage

  • 'CEFC keen to work with miners on hydrogen-powered vehicles', Carbon + Environment Daily, 15 August 2014 [Link to article]
  • Rachel Alembakis, ‘Challenges, opportunities in Australia’s energy future’, The Sustainability Report, 22 August 2014 [Link to article]

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