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The United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) held a seminar entitled Gender Equity: Women, Work and The Economy. A Business Case, on Tuesday 25 March in Melbourne in partnership with National Australia Bank.

Equality at the top for women in policymaking, in politics, in jobs that offer decision-making power still remains an aspiration.

Held as part of our Sustainability Leadership Series and in support of the Women’s Empowerment Principles, the seminar sought to highlight the business case for gender equity in the workplace and more generally for women’s participation in the economy.

Bringing together experts and practitioners from across business, government and civil society the seminar provided a platform for shared learning and discussion on identifying and seeking solutions to remove the barriers preventing the full and equal participation of women in the workforce, particularly at board and management levels, whether in the private or public sector.

Guest speakers & Panellists

Stephen Barrow, General Manager, People, Product and Markets, National Australia Bank
Anne Loveridge, Partner, Financial Services, PwC
- Fiona McLeod SC, Victorian Bar
Troy Roderick, General Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Telstra
Belinda Tkalcevic, Industrial Officer, ACTU


Robert Wood, Professor, Melbourne Business School and Director, Centre for Ethical Leadership at Ormond College, University of Melbourne

Watch some of the highlights from the seminar below.

Video courtesy of National Australia Bank

For more information about this seminar please contact Emeline Suteau on 03 9670 7878 or via email.